Opera theatre

In February 1896, after the morning performance of "Eugene Onegin," there was a fire that completely destroyed the building of the City Theater. The construction of a new building on the site of the old theater began in 1898.
The hall of the opera house included a parterre, an amphitheater, a pool and four tiers, accommodating about 1650 spectators (384 seats in the hall), the total cubic capacity of the theater is almost 100 000 m 3, the area of ​​the premises is 40210 m ². Above the main entrance of the theater was the official emblem of Kiev depicting the architist Michael Patriarch of the city, but at the insistence of the Kyiv Metropolitan Fyognont, who considered the theater as a sinful institution, the coat of arms was replaced with an allegorical composition: heraldic griffins are kept in the legs of the lyre as a symbol of musical art. The ceremonial opening and consecration of the new building took place on September 15, 1901.