Independence Square

By the end of the tenth century, this place, like all the present Khreshchatyk, was called Perevesticheskom and was a marsh. There, where Sofia Street now begins, Lyadskiye Gate, which led to the Upper City.

On the territory of the Maidan in the XVIII century were built stone fortress walls and the so-called Pechersk Gates, which existed until 1833. At the end of the XVIII - early XIX century was a wasteland - the so-called Kozine swamp.

In the 1730s the first wooden houses appeared here, and in the 1750's stone houses. In 1869, the place was named Khreschatytska Square. By 1871 there was a market on the square, there were circus performances, festivities.
 In 1851, the first large brick building - the building of the Noble Assembly was built on the square.

In 1876, after the construction of the City Council, the square got the name of "Duma square".
March 1919 - the square was called the Soviet.
1935 - Soviet Square was renamed into the Kalinin Square
In the years 1941-1943, during the Nazi occupation, the square had the names of the Dumas and later- the Maydan of 19-th September.
2013 - On November 21, EuroMaidan began a massive protest action against the suspension of the state's course of association with the European Union on the 9th anniversary of the Orange Revolution. Subsequently, these events grew into the Revolution of Dignity, which raised a wave of demonstrations and protests against President Yanukovych's regime, the largest since Ukraine gained independence.