Golden Gate (entrance to the antient Kyiv)

"Golden Gate" is the main gate of ancient Kyiv, a memorial to the defensive architecture of Kievan Rus, one of the oldest dated constructions of Eastern Europe, a symbol of Kiev. Their name was obtained by analogy with the Golden Gate in Constantinople.
The most likely date for the construction of the gate is 1017 -1024.
The gates were partially destroyed during the Tatar-Mongol invasion in 1240.
The Golden Gates served to protect the city as part of the fortress until the middle of the 18th century, when they were recognized as dangerous and buried with earth to protect from destruction.
Since the 20s of the XIX century, the archaeological study of Kyiv began. The excavation of the Golden Gate was conducted among the first. June 25, 1834 (on the birthday of the emperor Nicolas the first ), the solemn opening of the Golden Gate was celebrated - they were consecrated and illuminated.
Great reconstruction took place in 1982. Last Since 2009, the museum has been renovated and reopened to visit.