Bessarabka food market

Bessarabsky Food Market (Bessarabka) is an market under the roof  with a sales area of 896 sq.m.  Bessarabskaya square is situated in the western end of the main Kyiv's street Khreshchatyk.

The Market was built in 1910-1912 for the money of the famous sugar businessman Lazar Brodsky according to his will.

Architect - Henrik Guy. The project was carried out by architect Mikhail Bobrusov.

The grand opening of the market in the presence of the supreme leadership of the city and the region was held on 3d of July, 1912

So far, historians do not have a single version of the name of the market. Many believe that it's name is according to Bessarabia- southern part of Ukraine, where the most of vegetables and fruits were grown those had sold at the market.