Presidential Administration Building

Administration of the President

The building of Administration of President of Ukraine was erected on the eve of the Second World War in 1936-1939 for the headquarters of the Kyiv Special Military District. The author of the project was the famous architect Sergei Grigoriev. His assistant was the architect-academician Boris Zhezherin, who at the same time was the author of the famous construction of the sanatorium "Koncha-Zaspa" and the main pavilion of the National Expocenter of Ukraine.

The premises are built in the so-called soviet arcitectural style "The solemn Stalinist Communist-Soviet monumental Empire with ancient Roman stylization," which was supposed to symbolize the greatness, power and eternity of the communist regime. According to other sources , the elements of classical style and Ukrainian baroque are combined in the style of the house.
There are a dining room, laundry, dry-cleaner, a printing house in the inner courtyard of the building.